For this weeks #FollowFriday I am going to do a groups addition.

@Electronics - An Electronics Group
@theamazingweb - A group about interesting and novel things on the internet.
@vim - A group for everything VIM
@funny - A group for humour and memes
@mnmlsm - A group devoted to discussing unix and related topics
@calligraphy - A group devoted to sharing and discussing calligraphy & handwriting
@FreeSoftware - A group for discussing Free and Open-source software
@math - Everything math!
@dogs - A group for sharing pictures of dogs, for any reason.
@Science - A group to discuss Science topics.
@photography - A group for sharing or discussing photograph.

So its been about a month since the QOTO Moderated Groups Server came online at It adds group capability to the fediverse with an owner capable of moderating membership in the group unlike previous group servers which were completely unmoderated and open.

We have had some amazing groups form and overall the server seems to be the most popular on the fediverse, I’m seeing more activity than the open-group servers which is great!

As such I wanted to share a list of a few groups I know of so far in case anyone is looking for a group to follow. Just follow the group as you would a user and you will be in the group and receive group posts in your timeline!

#Electronics #EE #VIM #Funny #Humour #meme #memes #unix #linux #Calligraphy #Handwriting #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #math #maths #mathematics #dog #dogs #doggo #Science #Photography #Pictures #FF

@Electronics Anyone have a suggestion on how to convert an LTSpice model to something that ngspice / oregano can handle?

I found a .asm / .asc schematic for the ULN2003 transistor array that I’d like to try out, but oregano doesn’t seem to have a way to import it.

I’m willing to try other circuit simulators as long as they have a reasonable GUI. I already tried Qucs and it seems to be worse in this regard (and buggy in general).


I wanted to share a write up I did not to long ago explaining circuit duals with a specific focus on magnetic circuits. They behave the same as an electric circuit in the sense that anything you can do with an electric circuit there is an equivalent way to do it with a magnetic circuit. A magnetic circuit is a circuit that uses the magnetic fields propagating through β€œwires” rather than electric fields. It’s a very cool idea and worth a read, though all the usual electric concepts are flipped, for example instead of talking about electromotive force (EMF/voltage) you would use magnetomotive force instead (MMF) as filling the same function as voltage in an electric circuit.

Let me know what you think, this tutorial was a week long effort to write.

#Electronics #RF #HamRadio #amateurradio #EE #Radio @General


Finished most of the #ROES prototype board. Never have I been so excited to solder something, specifically the shield. After several years of hard work putting that shield on was a trophy! Its something that has collected dust for periods too and this is the second version I went full cycle on.

For those wondering this is the RF analogy board for an advanced highly percise SWR meter with Network-analyzer like capabilities built into an #Arduino shield. It measures a radio signals forward and reverse properties and compares them including complex impedance, complex reflection coefficient, SWR and much more. with two of them and a zigbee you can even operate one at your transmitter and the other at the antenna end and get both readouts in the shack. Cool stuff!

The yellow shielded wire wasnt working so I added a very tiny red wire instead. The final product wont need this and it may introduce some issues with the prototyping, lets hope not.

If you want to see more pictures of the project, including the GUI demo running or the earlier v1 version just check out the #ROES hashtag.

#electronics #EE #RF #Radio #HamRadio #amateurradio #Science #ElectricalEngineering #Arduino


These components are sooooo tiny, I really hate soldering them (0402 SMT mostly). Here is one compared to the tip of a mechanical pencil to give you an idea.

#electonics #HamRadio #amateurradio #rf #ee #Arduino #Roes


Of course the one chip i needed to roast with the soldering iron repeatedly in order to fix a stubborn solder bridge is the same chip that costs 30$ each, and the last chip i solder.. FML.

Oh well assuming i didnt fry this thing its actually coming along nicely. The missing trace i had to hack in is ugly but the fact i got it soldered on at all (had to scrape away some solder mask to get to a via) is impressive. Lets hope this thing works when im all done...

#electonics #HamRadio #amateurradio #rf #ee #Arduino #Roes


FUCK! Somehow I missed a single trace when I sent my boards off to get prototyped!!! At least its not a production run, but still this is super annoying. I'll have to jump it with a wire but might cause some RFI, not happy about this at all!

#Electonics #EE #RF #ElectricalEngineering #HamRadio #AmaetureRadio #Arduino

Man ive been at this over 2 hours now and havent even covered a square inch yet. It messes with your head how damn small these 0402 components are.

@Electronics #Electronics #EE #HamRadio #amateurradio #arduino


Man soldering 0402 components is brutal. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy... but progress is being made!

#Electronics #RF #HamRadio #AmaetureRadio #EE #Arduino

This is either a 250kW Automatic Tuner, or they take their Irish Whiskey production very seriously.

#HamRadio #RF #Radio #Electronics #EE @General


Wanted to share my prototype design for the #ROES meter with the Electronics Group.

About a month ago I sent the boards off to be printed for a prototype run and recently got them in. So V2.0 is soon to be officially released (though I may do a minor revision before printing up a large number of boards).

Attached are some screenshots of the final schematic and some renderings of what the boards will look like when its done. Its a 4 layer board though so many of the traces are internal.

You can find the files for this, which will be released as open-source, here:

#Ham #HamRadio #Radio #RF #EE #Electronics #ElectricalEngineering #Science


I wanted to share my favorite circuit simulator to the electronics group. It isnt the most advanced and it wont replace professional tools. But its great at modeling semi-ideal components with an epic way of visualizing current and voltage that just makes it an amazing tool at getting a feeling for how circuits actually work.

Everyone should check it out and play with it, you wont regret it.

#Electronics #electricalEngineering #RF #HamRadio

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