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Just paid for another year upfront for the #QOTO servers. Cost me about $1,500 and there are still some monthly fees added to that... QOTO aint cheap :)

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@QOTO I know some colour-blind people IRL, so I was wondering if the Mastodon web front-end is easy enough to use for people like them. Say, the 'Boost' button changing colour on clicking it.

BTW, is there a theme suited for such use? That way, the other themes can worry about colour-aware aesthetics only.

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@QOTO I appreciate the variety of services qoto.org opens up (I appreciate nixnet, snopyta, ouvaton, disroot, frama* too). Becaise I also appreciate all-in-one solutions like Hubzilla and public hubs, I was wondering if the one log-in can be used for all of qoto.org's services.

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At the request of @Absinthe I have made the compose box on the #QOTO webapp resizable. Everyone let me know if it gives you any problems, it is now live.


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I am happy to see the QOTO matrix server and specifically our main chatroom is very active despite being so new. 128 users (including guests) and somewhere on the order of 200+ messages a day.

If you have a matrix account on any matrix server (its federated) come join us at #QOTO:qoto.org

If you dont have an account or client feel free to register for an account on QOTOs matrix, all are welcome:


#mastoadin #matrix #chat #federation @QOTO @General

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After being up for only about a week QOTO's main matrix chat room (the lobby) is approaching 100 users (including guests). Really happy I brought up the service, I've enjoyed all the chats.

For those interested you can join the chat here. If you arent logged in you'll be a guest, highly recommend registering though as you cant do much as a guest.


#QOTO @QOTO #matrix

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QOTO's Funkwhale instance has now been upgraded to the latest version (1.1.2). Enjoy!

One small issue existing users will need to fix. The avatar's feature is new and existing users will have a broken avatar image shown in the upper left when logged in as a broken image link. To fix go into your settings and delete your avatar (do not upload a new one just yet). Then log out and back in. You should now see that the image is no longer broken but replaced with a generic avatar.

If anyone has any other issues please let @freemo know

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QOTO's instance of Peertube has just been upgraded, we are now on the latest version of v3.2.x. Everything appears to be working but if you have any problems please reach out to @freemo.

Our Peertube instance is open to everyone to use according to our rules, registration is open. However you must contact a qoto administrator to be given upload rights (which we generally grant). To register or use the service the link is as follows.


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I spent some time last night improving the spaces and our room directory.

I've added several rooms from different fediverse associated instances to the #Fediverse_space:qoto.org space.

I have also added about half a dozen room servers related to other instances and servers to our room search. So should be easy for you to find most rooms anywhere in the federated universe.

Again: you can join this space (or the others in the linked post) from any matrix user on any server. If you dont have a user you are free to register one on QOTO at: element.qoto.org

#Matrix #Mastoadmin #OSS #FLOSS #FOSS #STEM @QOTO #QOTO
QT: qoto.org/@freemo/1066050761199

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What should we name QOTO's new Matrix chat bot (mostly issues informational commands or other helpful utilities).

#Matrix #QOTO @QOTO

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So I setup a list of maybe 30 highly active matrix rooms organized into Matrix Spaces on the QOTO Matrix server (though you can access them from any spaces enabled matrix server).

Just login to your existing matrix account on any server, or register for a free one at element.qoto.org (registration open to everyone). Then join any of the following spaces (make sure you turn on spaces in your config under labs first).

Please let me know if you have any rooms you'd like to suggest to be added to any of the below spaces. Also, feel free to create your own space and share it.

#QOTO_space:qoto.org - Rooms related to QOTO itself

#Fediverse_space:qoto.org - Various rooms from matrix servers that have a fediverse hosted as part of the same community.

#STEM_space:qoto.org - A collection of general topic STEM rooms like Electronics, Physics, Math, etc.

#Regional_space:qoto.org - Rooms specific to Countries, towns or regions around the world.

#Projects_space:qoto.org - Channels for various open-source projects

#linux-distros_space:qoto.org - Rooms for various linux distribtuion flavors.

#Matrix #Mastoadmin #OSS #FLOSS #FOSS #STEM @QOTO #QOTO

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Should we setup any bridge bots on the QOTO Matrix chat server ( element.qoto.org open for registration)?

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Matrix servers that have it enabled (including QOTO's matrix server) allow for ephimerial rooms. That is, you can set your messages in a room to automatically delete after a certain point in time. Anyone who is the admin/mod of a room can set it. That, combined with the end-to-end encryption and identity verification really makes this a win on privacy.

Please let me know if anyone needs help.

If you want to sign up or log in you can go to: element.qoto.org

Everyone is welcome to signup, you dont need to have a QOTO account. You can also login as a guest if you wish.

#Matrix #QOTO @QOTO #mastoadmin

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To anyone out there hosting a #Matrix server of any scale, interested in connecting with the QOTO matrix server?

What I am proposing is I will add any Matrix server on the fediverse into our configuration under room directories on the condition the other server adds QOTO as well. This wont change anything functionally except to allow the server to show up int he drop down for matrix servers when searching for servers to join. It just makes sense to have the various fediverse servers show up in that list by default.

#mastoadmin #matrix #QOTO @QOTO

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We have now added a new service to supplement the QOTO Matrix chat server; a dedicated Element web client with a ton of features baked in the standard Element web client doesnt have.

Just go to element.qoto.org and you can register for, or sign into, a QOTO matrix account.

Please reach out to @freemo If you have any questions or problems.

#QOTO @QOTO #mastoadmin #matrix #chat #federation #decentralized.

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Here are some rooms you can join from the QOTO matrix server that have 100 or more users in it that I particularly enjoy:








#QOTO @QOTO #matrix #chat #federation #decentralized

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We are happy to announce a new QOTO service, our brand new matrix server!

Registration is open to everyone.

To either login or register a new account use any compatible Matrix/Riot client (like app.element.io/ ). When doing so you will have to set the home server to β€œmatrix.qoto.org” (it is usually set to matrix.org). However keep in mind once logged in your username will be @user:qoto.org, as the matrix.* prefix is dropped. Similarly any rooms you create will be #room:qoto.org.

The best part is this service is decentralized and federated so you can join any matrix room on any other server. Even cooler you can join rooms on servers that arent federated at all like IRC or gitter.im. So you really can connect to almost any chat server out there all from one identity and server.

NOTE: We will also be bringing up a client, likely the same client run at app.element.io, for the added security. It wont change anything and you can switch clients once we have that up if you want. You can also download the client and use it as a desktop app.

#matrix #QOTO @QOTO #Chat #ChatRooms #Mastoadmin

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In case anyone is curious about a sneak peek for whats next on QOTO, I am currently setting up a Matrix chat server with full bridging (so not only can you join chats on other matrix servers but you can also join them on other protocols like IRC and XMPP)... I will also most likely create a seperate XMPP server for those who want it.

#mastoadmin #QOTO @QOTO #matrix #XMPP #jabber #riot

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Attached a picture of the QOTO swarm’s resources for those who are curious.

Some interesting facts about the #QOTO cluster for those who are curious:

Runs as a docker swarm, so easily scales as needed and services can move between computers in the cluster.
Runs on a 7 computer cluster.
Utilizes only about 5% at most of its CPU potential
CPU has burst capability, so can go well beyond 100% for momentary high loads.
*Utilizes 33% of the memory (this includes caching). Almost all of the memory is from Gitlab.
Requires half a terrabyte of on-disk size, with an additional 2 TB for used currently as shared disks.
Supports 12 different services right now: fediverse-bots, discourse, wikijs, funkwhale, gitlab, 5-node load balancer, nextcloud, peertube, piwig, qoto-mastodon groups server, and two different monitoring tools.
These 12 services run as 60 different interconnected docker containers spread across the cluster.

@QOTO #mastoadmin

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We are currently upgrading all of the #QOTO services. Our configuration allows for no-downtime upgrades, so most users shouldnt notice anything (except for their services suddenly upgrading). However be aware downtime is possible if things dont go well.

So far all database and Redis back-end services have been upgraded to the latest. Next we will be working on the front-end services. This may be over the course of several days. We will announce when upgrades are complete but in the meantime if anything goes down, don't panic, we will be back.

#mastoadmin @QOTO

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