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@FreeSoftware Good day, fedizens. What's your favourite libre software? :gnu:

Welcome to the math group everyone. Keep it civil and feel free to ask or chat about anything math.


After discussing with the QOTO moderators we would like to nominate @khird as a new moderator.

It isn't official yet though, we want to give all of our users a chance to consider our nomination and vote either for or against. Also users are welcome and encouraged to nominate their own suggestions as well.

After about a week if no objections are raised and the support is positive with no opposing nominations to consider we will make the nomination real.

Lets hear from you!

#QOTO #Mastoadmin


Hi #Photography group! I am glad someone started this group.

Here is a picture I took of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge a few years back. It is HDR and processed from half a dozen shots or so. It is located in Philadelphia.

#Philly #Philadelphia #Photos #Photograph #Art @General

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