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Welcome to the QOTO's Managed Groups

The fediverse's first open managed group server.
No hate. Be kind, be respectful
All discussions between moderators are public, as we believe that transparency is the best way to show everyone how we put words into practice. Check them out on discourse, and jump in the conversation if you feel like.

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How it works

This server is not intended for, nor does it support, regular user accounts. Its intended purpose is to host managed groups similar to https://gup.pe but adding the ability for a group to be owned and managed by an owner giving them the ability to mute, block, or silence misbehaving users as well as to make the group private so that only approved members can join.

The way it works is rather simple, similar to guppe anyone who makes a top-level post and tags the group's account name will have their post added to the group automatically presuming they have permission to post to the group. By default groups are open and anyone would have permission to post to a group. These posts can be done as either public or unlisted, however DMs will not work as they lack the permission for other users to see it. If you wish to get group posts in your home timeline you simply follow the group, thats all there is to it.

Keep in mind while all servers support groups, since it uses standard mechanisms to operate, not all servers will render groups in the same way. You will get the best group expiernce with an account on QOTO which has a unique feature whereby Groups are rendered and handled in a special way. There is a "Group directory" on QOTO, for example, that lists all groups discovered around the fediverse and lists them, ordered by how active they are. Also when you pull up the timeline for a group it renders in a way that makes group posts seem seamless. However if you are on vanilla Mastodon or some other server like pleroma there isn't any special handling for groups; that means posts made to a group will still show up in your home timeline but it will appear as a boost made by the group account itself. So functionally it still works. This is no different than how guppe works so the expiernce with guppe based groups is no different.
After signing up please consider going to the new accounts profile setting and selecting "List this account on the directory". This will ensure that your group is discoverable and that other users around the fediverse can search for, find, and ultimately join, your group. Without this checked it will not show up in the Group Directory on other servers as well.
Moderations of the group by the account owner is not much different than a normal user account. You can mute, block, or silence users to limit their ability to see or post to the group as you see fit. Similarly a group can be made follower-only if you wish to restrict who can follow a group.

One important note, due to the special nature of a server devoted to groups a few features have been explicitly turned off to prevent abuse. A group account can not follow other user or groups, though it can be followed. As such there is also no home timeline. This prevents users from spam following to get followers to a group.

The following is the list of QOTO administrators/moderators. Please reach out to one of them if you have any issues.
  • @freemo@qoto.org
  • @arteteco@qoto.org
  • @design_RG@qoto.org
Note: The account @QOTO@groups.qoto.org listed as the administrator is NOT an actively monitored account. It is a group used for support or to get in touch with the moderators. If you need help it is best to reach out directly to one of the moderators.

***We will never advertise on QOTO or sell your information to third-parties***


You are allowed multiple accounts. However while there is no limit on the number of accounts we do require all groups be active. So if you register for a group, post to it, even if it is only you posting to it. This means you need an account somewhere else on the fediverse too. Remember you are registering for a group, not an account. Account names are group names, and groups typically represent general topics. As such there is a limited namespace. For that reason any group that is idle that is requested by someone else may be able to request the old account name. We do our best to contact the old owner first and give them a chance to begin using the group again first, presuming there is already a history of posts to it.

A note about registering multiple groups, each group does need a unique email, there is one way to get around this you are welcome to use that is really easy. Just append a plus sign after the username part of your email, and then some unique text, usually the name of the group, like this: john.doe@foo.com turns into john.doe+mygroup@foo.com. That should still get delivered to your email address and it will get recognized as a unique email.

What will get a group banned:
  • Anything illegal.
  • Explicit hate-based racism, sexism, and other hateful speech, but generally unpopular opinions voiced respectfully will be fine.
  • Being a bot (unless you never post)
  • Any group setup solely to advertise a product or service
  • NSFW without a content warning
  • Blocking of moderators is prohibited since it interferes with their ability to moderate content. However if you do not wish a moderator to comment on your posts outside of official moderator communication such a request will be honored.

We are all adults here, act like it. Despite our belief in freedom of expression (free speech) we want to create a space where people are respectful to each other. Don't disrespect people; if they disrespect you then block them and move on. If we get a report on one of our users then an administrator will reach out to the parties involved and try to mediate a peaceful resolution. We will talk it through like mature adults. Lets remember there is a person at the other end of the screen, if we can be mature in real life we can do it here too.

Federating: Silencing & Blocking

We do not silence or block other Fediverse instances based on agenda, politics, or opinions held by their staff or users. We only require servers we federate with to follow one simple rule: respect a user's right to disengage. Offending servers will only be silenced, not blocks, blocks will be reserved for technical assaults only such as DDoS attacks.

Some examples:
  • If, for any reason, a user requests another user to not tag them, this request will be respected without exception.
  • If a user is blocked and it is clear the user who was blocked that this was directed at that user. Then creating additional accounts specifically to circumvent this block would be disallowed. If the user was unaware of the block then they wouldn't be accountable however.
  • Unsolicited advertising must be opt-in only. This means commercial advertisements which directly tag individual users without permission from that user, especially when done in bulk, will not be allowed.

We understand that moderators will not always catch 100% of offenses above. If a server does not appear to be compliant with the above federation policy we will first reach out to the moderators of the server. If those moderators actively take action to handle those cases as they are reported then we will continue to federate. It will only be cases where moderators are made aware of the above cases, and fail to act, that will result in defederation.

Similarly if we receive anonymous reports on **any** incident of any kind from a foreign server directed at one of our own users, or we hear word of any moderation from a foreign server, we will always reach out to the admins of the other server, usually CC'ed from a non-QOTO account. However if any moderator or admin for any reason would not like to be contacted we will respect any such request as well.